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Chanderi Suits

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Chanderi is one of the best-known handloom fabric in India, renowned for its amazing combination of silk with cotton. Chanderi suits are the association of elegance and soothing appearance as the Chanderi silk fabric is also the mixture of cotton and silk. Actually, the name ‘Chanderi’ is derived from the name of a place situated in Madhya Pradesh Ashok Nagar. The production of Chanderi is a great heritage of this place kept lively by the local artisans. They have a special talent to weave golden and silk yards with cotton to make the most royal fabric 'Chanderi’. The airy characteristic of Chanderi fabric makes it favourable for the hot weather. The royal fabric Chanderi is very famous not only across India but around the whole world for its golden royal delightful appearance. The shiny golden or silver coloured laced borders with the beautifully shaped buttons of traditional motifs like 'keri’ , floral whirls and coin shapes make it look more eminent and majestic. An Indian women's wardrobe will get a bright sequin by welcoming the Chanderi designs. These Chanderi silk suits are perfectly awesome for ceremonious occasions for everyone irrespective of age and shape. These suits come in different types of fabric like silk, cotton and cotton silk. The Chanderi suits design is newly crafted keeping the latest designs outreaching the market. The bright colour along with its beautiful shades are used to make these suits, which renders it a splendid look to make the heads turn for you. You will get a diversified assemblage of latest Chanderi suits designs with us like hand embroidered Punjabi suits designs, delicate embroidered straight suits designs and many more astonishing designs. Chanderi designer suits are semiformal in look which makes it fit for every occasion. Enjoy your shopping and glitter your wardrobe with our amazing and spectacular ceremonious collections.
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